A social innovative enterprise with a unique mission to improve maternal and child health 

MumBaby is a social enterprise birthed with the mission to improve  maternal and child health in Nigeria.a

Our Vision

To see a world free of maternal and infant mortality and become West Africa’s leading digital healthcare service provider.

Our Mission

At MuMBaby, our mission is to help provide health information to nursing and pregnant women using the power of mobile technology and affordable clean birth kits that keep babies healthy and safe including in underserved and deprived communities.

What We Do Best

Smart Shot

This helps deliver reminder for immunization session schedule, thus preventing vaccine-preventable deaths. With it, nursing, and expectant mothers, are reminded of vaccination date and benefit thereby leaving no baby behind.

Health Information

We support pregnant women and mothers of newborn babies especially throughout their pregnancy and post-natal journey with health information, reminders and medical advice including in Pigin English.


Raise advocacy on Cancer screening, HPV Vaccination, as well as on social norm on female genital mutilation.


Advocacy on gender equality, girl child education, against child labour and trafficking.


Pregnancy and motherhood are not diseases and it is our belief that no mother, neonate, infant or child dies for want of care

The beating hearts of childbearing women and babies continuing to reach an idle stop every single day. According to UNICEF, daily, Nigeria loses about 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age. -this makes the country the second largest contributor to the under–five and maternal mortality rate in the world. Lack of access to preventive care information and services is responsible for the woeful infant and maternal mortality rate. –yet these deaths are preventable.

Limited maternal care endangers not only the mother, but her unborn or newly born child as well. Technology and mobile phones can be leverage, to create scalable solutions/critical life-saving healthcare information and strengthen health care services in a timed and targeted manner, empowering mothers and enabling healthy babies.

We are a social enterprise that provides pregnant women and mothers with access to life-saving maternal and child health information and services birthed with the mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality using the power of mobile technology. Such information ranges from antenatal care date, immunization date reminders for newborn babies including reproductive health information on contraception, and ovulation. Also our MumBaby clean birth kits contain essential supplies required at childbirth to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic delivery including providing access to a doctor.

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